Let's Untangle Your Bullshit And


Let's Untangle Your Bullshit And

untangle your bullshit to untangle your life

Do you and your mother have a good relationship?

Do you need to lose a few pounds and get healthy?

Are you still struggling with ugly shit from your past?

Is your desire to help others wearing you out?

It’s all part of the bullshit tangle.

You've Come to the Right Place to Untangle Your Bullshit!

Hi, we’re a kick-ass mother and daughter team!

We are passionate about and dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. The “Life Untangled” model is a self coaching tool you will learn that helps you change your thoughts about yourself. Giving you the self-confidence to create feelings that produce the results you desire in life.

All you need is your willingness to learn new ways to think. So leave your whining at the door, cause it will only block your ability to practice. If you’re ready to Act, Feel, and Think differently, then stop making excuses; there is never going to be the “right” time.

Make this your right time to DO IT – SIGN UP TODAY!


Your Life is always the result of the story you repeat to yourself about yourself.

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What Our Clients Say

Best coaching ever!

This coaching model teaches a very simple process I continue to use every day. I realized I was hiding behind excuses. Fear of failure used to stop me in my tracks. Now I know it doesn’t matter if I fail. I fail anyway if I don’t try.

Thank you for helping me shine a light on what I can do.

Lynne H.

Interior Designer.

Sue has been a source of inspiration to me for many years.

As I read Sue and April's book, again I was inspired. The biggest lesson for me was the importance of my acknowledging my story without letting that story take over my life. I had tucked away and then buried traumatic experiences but after reading this book and allowing memories to surface, I found an inner peace come over me. Each survivor is different, each story is different. May others find a place of peace with their past.

Thank you, Sue and April. You gave me a wonderful gift.

Love to you both,


fmr Director of Peace House

Nikki has a way of making you feel like family from the second you talk to her. Her approach to life advise has a way of getting you to think less about what everyone else wants and allows us to dig deep into your core to figure out what we truly want and why we specifically desire certain things. I met Nikki during one of the hardest times in my life- because of her wisdom and lack of judgement I was able to the face battles within myself. I was able to stop pointing the finger at others for my lack of fulfillment in my life and I was able to point it at myself. For most people this act would feel like self doubt but for me, this was empowering and hopeful. By taking my life into my own hands I am truly able to change and am able to continue this change. I could not be more thankful for this woman and what she has done in my life and my mind.

Michelle Hicks


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Child abuse in any form is devastating, there’s no doubt about that. It is our hope that by sharing both a mother and  daughter’s path to finding peace and forgiveness it will open the door for others to do the same.  Allowing others to let go of the mental anguish that can adversely affect and hold them back from embracing who they really are today, 100% lovable, worthy and safe.

There is incredible power in the mother-daughter bond.  This bond weaves a tangle of strong emotions throughout every chapter of our lives, both positive and negative.  

As adults we have control of two things, our attitude and what we choose to believe.  No matter what  happened in the past – it’s over and done.  The only thing we can control is what we make it mean today. 

This book is the story of our ups and downs that led to our ability to heal the wounds of our past.  The pain and suffering of adulthood comes from the story we tell ourselves about the past.  What happened in our past cannot be changed.  However, it’s a story we can choose to re-write for our own peace of mind. That’s the power of choice.  Everyone has it, they just need a new way to see it.  That is the power of Empowering Your Story. 

Our deepest desire is to help others open the door to a new story.


Let Us Help You Untangle Your Bullshit!

Just do it! Let us help you untangle the messy stuff holding you back from what you really want.

“Bad Things Happened”
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These stories are amazing. Discover the root causes clogging up your life. Read now! 

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