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As a life coach I am dedicated to helping people become aware of what causes all problems in life. It’s really simple actually.  All problems are caused by the meanings we give the thoughts we tell ourselves about every experience.

There are not past our future thoughts.  All of our thoughts are current. And the best part, we can choose what we want to think.  So, what do you want to think about your business, weight, money, or life? Go ahead and ask yourself right here right now.  What thoughts do you want to deliberately think this year?

Your words are the FOOD for your thoughts, they feed happening in your life today.  It’s the story you repeat to yourself all the time.  Is any area of your life off track right now?  What do you believe about this?  What are you telling yourself and is it serving you best interest?

You do have a mind full of stories.

It’s time to examine your story.  They reside inside your brain.  You put them there.  No one else has the ability to tell you what to think.  Those stories include your feelings based on what you think you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt about those many experiences in your life. Tell yourself a story enough time and it will become a habit you know longer have to consciously think about.

All of our habits are born from our brain wanting to feel good.  We have two separate brains in our head.  The older brain has a mind-full of stories. It can’t think on its own.  It stores what you we tell it habitually.  Since the brain we were born with is wired desiring to  feel good, it will naturally resist anything that feels bad. Our newer brain governs rational thinking and decision making in your current life. We have complete control of what we want to think and feel.

That older brain you were  born with lives in your unconscious being. This part of your mind has unlimited capacity to maintain  all of  the scripts you wrote about your experiences. It has a strong need to seek pleasure and avoid pain in order to keep you safe and efficiently operating unconsciously (autopilot behavior). So, naturally any story you stored that is painful or negative is not an experience your old brain wants you to repeat. Repetition creates a powerful believable habit.

Seriously, the minute you want to do something the brain has no knowledge of or has stored the past experience as painful, it will pull up every negative emotion in order to stop you.  It’s fight, flight, freeze is almost automatic once you star pushing those painful buttons.

The other part of your brain is in your conscious thinking brain. It is your current thinking.  Unlike the storing part of your mind, it has the ability to control what it thinks.  There is harmony between the two as long as your thinking brain doesn’t want to change anything.

You life is story you have allowed to run your daily life.  When you decide to change any routine about anything, there is going to be a mind-full of stories fighting for NO-CHANGE.

I don’t have to prove that to you.  Just look at your own life.  How easy was it to accomplish something big you never did before.  How hard is it to stop over eating, over drinking, over spending.  It’s the story that’s ruling your life.

Learning how to change your story, will teach you how to change your life.

You can be, do, or have different results simply by changing the story you are choosing to believe right now.

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