Are you rolling in a bucket full of fear?


I’m not talking about things that have the potential to cause harm, I’m talking about living in your self-manufactured fearful bullshit. If so, it will keep you stuck in misery on repeat all of your life. You own your body, mind, and spirit. No one else lives there but you. It’s just you and your EGO chattering away inside of you. I named my ego (Sister Sassy) so I could consciously get her attention. Sister Sassy is stubborn, full-on thinks she is in charge, constantly blasting me with old out of date thoughts and feelings.

Your EGO, which is not you, is just a voice in your head that can trash talk and leak some toxic stuff like fear and false beliefs. Ego can have some good stuff too, but sadly we focus too often on the cant, shouldn’t, don’t know how something is wrong with me, guilt, shame, and humiliating fear labels. We will do almost anything to prevent fear feelings.

We are born with just one fear, It’s fear of the unknown. A baby only knows the unknown of loud noises and the sensation of falling. All the other fears develop through conditioning.

It is beneficial to avoid things that harm us, however, most of our fears are not beneficial to us. A lot of our fears were generated from our thoughts and fear feelings in our childhood. They may have been beneficial then, but no longer serve us.

That voice in your head lives in the subconscious part of your brain. It will NEVER be on board with you doing ANYTHING that will take you outside of your current comfort zone. It will never be on board with you doing anything that will take you out of any toxic or abusive situation or behavior and will stay the same simply because it is familiar. Feelings are real to our body, but the thought that created them is imaginary. Unfortunately, the subconscious is not logical.

You have to understand that your subconscious is only interested in one thing and that is to keep you safe. Meaning, don’t change what you are doing because the unknown feels uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is not familiar therefore not safe.

Any effort you make to consciously change your standard behavior will challenge you in the form of sabotage. You have to see it like a game you are playing with your mind. You know it’s going to happen, be ready to see it and not fall for it.

Four things keeping you from realizing your dreams. Fear by far is the biggest reason.

  • Erroneous thoughts
  • Fear feelings
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Physical limitations

Every problem we have in life originates from the meaning we give our thoughts about anything.  We respond to the meaning with a feeling generated from our thoughts.  Fear is a feeling we have conditioned ourselves to believe is to be avoided at all costs.  Our subconscious is happy to provide sabotage.

Fighting with your Ego puts you square in the path of sabotage.  You decide to change something about your life.  Hello, drama and sabotage.  You will so not see it coming.

Out of the blue, there will be some money or work drama.  The very minute things get hard to do, the excess energy needed to try something different signals danger to the brain.  You have to be aware of this tricky brain of yours.  It is a made-up thought trying to scare you into staying the same.  If you give up, there is a momentary comfort that occurs.  You justify why it wasn’t going to work anyway.  Sadly, you are still stuck with the same fear-based bull shitty problem.  You will rinse and repeat until you are willing to learn how to allow all of your feelings and do the work to effect change.

Do you want to be the person that fails in advance, so you won’t feel the fear of the unknown or do you want to feel your fear and do it anyway?  Fear cannot hurt you.  It is just a vibration in your body.   Sign up for one to one coaching and learn the skill of how to FEEL all of your feelings in order to get the results you want out of life.  Every result we experience in life is a result of how we think we will feel.  That’s a fact.

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