Call a plumber, sugar has clogged my liver!

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The problem..SUGAR.  Especially corn syrup.  High fructose is 55% fruit sugar and 45% glucose.  According to Harvard Health Publication this chemical results in many liver complications.

The liver is the only organ that can process high fructose corn syrup.  The result, it builds up toxins in the liver quickly. A process called lipogenesis, whereby the liver cells create a fat, which can eventually add up to cause fatty liver disease.

Your oral health, cavities filled with amalgam fillings can have dire consequences. 70% of patients with cirrhosis had an oral disease.  Inflammation of the gums and teeth seem to affect the liver.

Over the counter painkillers- causes liver damage.  Acetaminophen, Tylenol and aspirin.  The damage can occur when the liver interacts with the compound.

We eat too much salt. The standard to strive for in my opinion should be no more than 2,000 to 2,400 mg. daily.  Most Americans consume 5,000 mg daily often causing water retention.  It overworks and inflames the liver.  Watch out for processed foods, they are full of salt.

Eating high glycemic foods before bed, Carbs like white bread and potatoes puts the liver into overdrive. Especially at night.  The liver mainly works at night and sleeping after eating these foods forces it to work harder.

Instead of eating foods with vegetable oils, margarine and shortening- cereals, opt for fruits and vegetables.   Beets and carrots have been known to help the liver function.

Exercise several times a week helps the body detoxify.

Sleep is a priority as your body goes to work to help cleanse your system.   Getting under seven hours of sleep, your liver may suffer the consequences. Baylor college of medicine explains that chronic sleeplessness creates its own set of genes.  These genes interrupt acids that promote healthy liver function. Abnormal liver function may prompt the development of tumor cells.  80% of Americans have their sleep disrupted regularly.

Cut out sugary drinks- high risk of fatty liver disease.  Eat more fruits and vegetables, they are high in antioxidants essential for liver health.  Try these to encourage your liver health. Blueberries, strawberries, spinach, green beans, artichokes, beets, and kale. Turmeric and green tea have been shown to be beneficial.

Trans fats can scar the liver.  Hydrogenated oils, fructose, and sucrose in processed foods creates stress in the liver which inflames it.

Chronic stress is a recipe for anxiety and depression. Prolonged stress increases inflammation which can lead to cirrhosis.

Get enough B12, helps the flow of bile in the liver – eggs, tuna, beef, cheese, chicken, and pork.

Smoking harms the lungs and can hurt the liver. It can kill healthy cells

Consistent bad cholesterol leaves fats around the liver.  Too much LDL could produce liver disease.

Eat your heavier meal mid-day.  Stop eating a heavy dinner. Your liver will thank you.

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