Day 8 Bathroom Clutter

Clearing out the bathrooms today, I started with my bathroom first before I even got into the kids.  I originally asked the kids to start in their bathroom and they did a surface clean, emptied the trashcan and folded the towels.  Hey, I think that is an improvement, they participated the way they knew how.  It also shows me as a parent where I can improve on expectations and teaching moments. Not a moment to reprimand or down them for not going through every item because let’s be honest they have a lot in there too.  It starts with us mommas not only modeling the new lifestyle but teaching the benefits of it to everyone in the family.

I started with the drawers, cleaning out old makeup, worn down hair brushes, hair ties, and multiples of things.  Eyeliner that I didn’t like but tossed back into the make up a section of my drawer.  Yes, I put dividers in our drawers to help section out space to keep it organized a long time ago.  I went through all of our old expired medication, over the counter medicines, made a list with flu and cold season coming what we could stock up on.  Never know when a late-night fever can happen and need to be prepared.  I checked Neosporin dates and things like that. The hair care products, I use to be a hoarder in this section of the bathroom.  I was famous for grabbing all sorts of things to make my hair curl and now it is in a ponytail most days so I don’t need all of this stuff anymore.  I think I owned half of Bath and Body Works at one time with all the lotions we had under the cabinets.  I pulled the majority of them out and gave them away as gifts because they had not been used yet and felt a ton better giving them away.

When I begin to look at the progress in the house I can’t help but feel like the majority of my old barriers are being removed also.  Where I felt stuck or no inspiration in our businesses has lifted and new ideas and downloads are coming into my brain at lightning speed.  It’s like I am systematically dissolving a lot of blocks in my mind as I remove physical blocks in our home.  It is so much fun to see and feel all this happening at the same time.  Invisible energies are now awake to aide me in opening up new doors all over again.  Literally opening our doors and windows to let new energy in an old energy escape you can feel it in our home.  When our success in our own home, our own surroundings is blocked with clutter it tends to block in our minds as well.  Get rid of your imagined limits by removing some of the physical blocks in your home, the clutter you see every day.  One builds upon the other when I get upset one of the first things I do is tackle a big clutter area in our home. I usually have a breakthrough, see the problem in a different way and I have a physical representation of it being better, looking better and feeling better.

Teaching our kids how to declutter, use their space around them to move their own energy inside of themselves is a huge gift we moms can give them.  We can teach to not only be picky about who we hang out with, what we allow to go into our energy field but also what we buy to surround ourselves with.  Do you buy for a quick, positive feeling or does the purchase give you a lasting feeling of goodness? There is a huge difference when we impulse buy to make ourselves feel better now we end up with a bunch of clutter in our home.  Reprogram your thoughts about why you buy and you will change your lifestyle drastically.

See if you can remove 21 items out of each bathroom today, and buy organizational units to help with what you do keep in your space.  When you open up a drawer or cabinet it is supposed to feel good, look organized, where every single thing has its own place.  Not just all crammed in there. Donate or recycle as much as possible before you throw it away.

Much love

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