Day 9 Shifting Our Closets

Let’s get the closets done today. How many times do you walk into your closet and stand there stating “I have nothing to wear.” But you are standing there with a bunch of clothes staring at you? Shoes all over the floor sometimes matched or one shoe I can find and the other I go hunt for.  I am not one for having piles of clothes all over the place due to a spider issue we had in the past. Which really changed our lifestyle in the organization and no more piles of anything on the floor.  For some people, they think closets are out of sight, out of mind so why bother.   But this does not work in the world of energy because you can not pretend to not feel low energy every time you walk into space.  If you can step back for a moment and think of your closet this way: once you open up and walk into your ugly, messy, junked up closet space and put on your clothes you are essentially carrying all that low, messy energy with you on your clothes.  Think about the feeling you get when you go into your closet, or do you just not think about how it makes you feel because you are in a rush and can never find anything in there? In Feng Shui, our closets are connected to our innermost, deep, hidden feelings about oneself. For most of us, we were never taught to keep this area clean, organized and fresh at all times.  This tiny space you can now ask yourself as a test on your self-esteem. How clean, peaceful and beautiful is your closet at the moment? How does it mirror your inner world reflecting back at you in outer space?

Let’s look at the lighting first, is it bright when you turn on the light? Is it an icky feeling? Is it a musty? Does it have an odor? The color white is best, sometimes putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls in there is what helps liven it up some.  But today we are just clearing out the clutter but make a mental note of how you can replace the light bulb to make it brighter or a fresh coat of paint, clean the carpet or scrub the floor.

Next is to take it all out, yes take every last thing out of that closet. With the kid’s closets that can be a lot too, but this step is worth it! No surface cleaning today, you need to see it all out on the floor or bed. You need to physically touch each item and ask yourself these questions:

when was the last time I wore it?

Did I like how it fits?

Are there stains, holes or damage to the item?

For some of us, we hold onto certain items of clothing because it is cute but fits weird, or we gained weight after the baby and it has been 5 years and guess the hell what. We should accept where we are now and stop shaming ourselves daily by holding onto clothes that won’t fit us anymore.  They are probably out of style so let them go! Same with the kids’ closets, have they outgrown the clothes? Put them in a pile and take them to a consignment shop, donate them to someone who needs clothes! Pass them along to someone who actually needs the items instead of them being unused in your closets. Next do the same thing with shoes, purses, bags, belts, scarves and whatever else you have packed in that space.  Leave items only you enjoy wearing, look good on you and you feel good in.  This makes takes several clearing sessions but it is worth it!

Next, I organize the crap out of our clothing. I position clothing to face me all the same way on the hangers. Meaning when I am looking at my shirts, the fronts of the shirts all face me so I don’t have to look at the back and front of clothing to find the shirt I want to wear.  This is where I also begin to group my clothes then color-code them.  Meaning I group all my t-shirts in one section then color code all the whites together, all the grays, blacks, peach, blues and so on.  I do this with my dresses, long sleeve shirts and work clothes.  My husband’s side and kids’ closets are the same way too. It cuts down on time looking for clothes and only takes a minute to sort when putting laundry away.  Our closets look so much better and we don’t have to waste time searching for items.

It seems we hold onto so many clothing items for such a long time and they multiply in our spaces.  Let go of it, let go of as much as you can.  Free up as much space as possible and get rid of past items that you no longer need to hold onto.  A just in case reasoning is a lack of trust in the future and holds you, hostage, to your past.  Our minds are so powerful and tricky, we need to start shifting how we use our spaces and what messages we send ourselves subliminally every time we walk into our environment.  Pay attention and shift when your area isn’t feeling right.

Much love,

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