Decluttering a She Shed Never Know the Lessons You Will Receive

Day 6 and 7 I am combining.  Yesterday got away from me. I tackled a HUGE project of decluttering and although I am happy I did she shed, storage closet I am still not satisfied with the way it is organized.  I recycled, gave away, and threw away 4 bags of stuff, two plastic dresser type things and bought a metal shelf unit to put things on. This she shed or closet is like a catch-all space outside. It is in my Wealth and Prosperity corner of my Bagua Map, I go more into this placement in my Master Class, but for now, I needed to clean it up.

When I have a big project like this one or with a client I first do a surface layer declutter. I look for trash, broken objects, junk collections or obvious clutter that is easy to let go of.  In my, she shed it has tools, Christmas decor, and bins of old paperwork that we can go through and shred. You know the kind of paperwork that you have to keep, just in case audits, taxes or important docs that you might need in the future.  Yes I know you can scan and upload but computers do have glitches and if it glitches then it is gone forever.     Some things you really do need to have in a storage bin for just in case easy access.

I literally took everything out yesterday and had it stacked a mile high on the porch.  Now mind you what prompted this was earlier in the week I needed something on the bottom of a stack and I pulled everything out to get to it.  Then I put it back in and just when the leaning tower of boxes and crap started to fall forward, I slammed the door shut.  Not the best idea, but when I turned around and saw I had left the shop vac out on the table I grabbed the handle to open the door up and well it wouldn’t open.  The small Christmas tree had fallen forward and went up underneath the door handle so it wouldn’t move. All the stuff was now inaccessible, and that bothered me, I had to pick this weekend to tackle this problem.  When I called my husband to tell him we have a problem…. his comment on a text message was “No, it’s a she-shed, hence the word she, so it is your problem, not we.” HAHAHA

I called maintenance to come up and help me with the she shed, I warned him when he popped the door open that it was full, and when the door started to open automatically, he peeked around the door and said: “OH, I didn’t know you could fit so much stuff in such a small space.” I’m not sure if that was a compliment or a hint to clean it out but I took it as both and said: “I know, right!”

Yesterday I was knee-deep in so much stuff, I decided to organize his tools, now let me tell ya something. I will never understand why we have to have so many tools.  I don’t get it, but I came to the realization yesterday as I was sorting them and labeling them that one I have no idea what some of them are called and I can’t wait for him to go out there one day and see what I have decided to name his tools.  But what I also thought of is never again should I be given a hard time about how many ornaments or Christmas decorations we own.  Not after sorting through all those tools that I know we haven’t used in over two years but can’t get rid of because we might need them.  Well, I am pretty sure I need all my ornaments too. LOL

One day 7 we are going to talk a little about energy and our surroundings. Except for the obvious of a nice clean space feels better but why? When we move into a nice brand new place or car the smells are all new. New paint, carpet, the spirit of the home is lively and vibrant usually.  Moods tend to be happy and positive when we walk in.  Over time the energy in the home inside and out can become stagnant and tired.  Exhaustion can creep in and wrap around us thus we feel overwhelmed, or tired or stressed when we are at home.  Clutter is the main culprit to this energy, along with broken things or worn down things that are no longer full of life.  It drains the energy of our home or car and eventually drains us of our energy inside of our bodies as well.  I think as women we automatically pick up on this drain but sometimes we don’t pinpoint it because we don’t want to deal with it.  Even if you do an overall clean sweep today and clean out the surface layer of junk or clutter in every room, open up windows and sweep or vacuum it can change the energy in your living space.  Remove 21 items today doing an overall sweep, if you want changes in your life overall move 26 objects in your home, big or small, but change 26 objects locations.

Much love

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