Do You Get “All the Things” Done Daily?

It feels like some days I just can’t get it all done.  No matter how many to-do lists I have categorized by priority, what’s written in my planner or the top 3 things to accomplish each day I still feel like I am falling behind and failing miserably.  What really gets me is the parenting category.


I admit I am not perfect.  I mean who is? There are days the kids have grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt and an apple for lunch (and by the way I say this because a friend of mine got mom-shamed for allowing her daughter to have this the other day). I go to bed thinking did I do enough for them today?  Do they know I love them? I read an article just this morning that motherhood is equivalent to working 2.5 jobs in a new study.  For those wondering what the hours worked it is 98 hours a week, I wonder if that includes weekends or when they are sick too?


All of this feels like I have a never-ending series of tasks all week long plus we are tired.  Imagine that, we are tired.  It seems to be the theme I hear so many people state over and over again.  We run at maximum capacity, then so many of us (72% according to this study) struggle to feed ourselves and our kid’s healthy snacks and meals.  It is a cycle we get stuck on; we have an urge to change a couple of things but end up adding to our daily task list so, therefore, we get discouraged and end up not doing anything.  It is a predicament so many people can identify with, how do we get it all done every day?


Here is what I found that helps me and my clients, friends, and family when this topic comes up. I work on one to two things at a time for a 30-day period.  I write it down and post it in the bathroom, refrigerator, in my planner and sometimes as my bookmark.  Why? Because it reminds me every time, I see it that I am going to do what I said I am going to do.  I want to change the habit and be disciplined in areas I need discipline.  Keeping my word to myself is the starting point of any change that I want to happen.  Even if I have to remind myself, I am keeping my word to myself and I am getting up early, I am cooking, exercising or working on my business.  You follow through on your one or two items every day, you keep your integrity and commitment to yourself by doing the action steps daily.  In thirty days, you have developed your new habit, showed up for yourself and kept your word to yourself.  Which is huge!


Why because only 1% of the population achieves the goals, they write out for themselves.  Holy crap lets up that number and shows better statistics.  That is crazy that we can’t keep our words to ourselves and achieve our dreams. Let’s do better than that, let’s prove them all wrong that we can do this too!


Stressing ourselves out over lists every day is the old way to do things. The new way is tackling one or two things we may or may not enjoy but can shift into enjoying because we know our lives will be better because of it.  Some personal examples for us are drinking celery juice every morning, exercise and working consistently on my new business.  My thoughts at the beginning are celery juice is nasty, but the benefits I learned from researching it far outweighs what my preconceived notions about it.  So far, we have been consistently drinking it for three months and I actually look forward to it now.  I have noticed positive health effects from it. Exercise, if you have been following me on social media this is still not a “love” of mine, but I am finding the benefits of it far outweigh my attitude about it.  So, I am changing my attitude about it, keeping my word to myself and pushing myself by showing up every day.  It is on my 30 days of July commitment I have written out personally.  The excuse of not knowing what to do in my business, when really I do, I am just fearful of starting a new company is NOT going to get me to my end goal. So perspective change, honoring my goal and dream I have for myself and know my family will not implode with my focus on my business daily.  One of my charts, I am not even sure at this point which one it was that was read to me said a fear I hadn’t even thought about.  When I am a mom, I am like all in, things have forced me to change that thinking a lot, but I still stay stuck in a rut with my kids.  I will at times literally take on their problems as my own, I obsess over how to help them, how to make them feel better and it just gets consuming.  Now I have been forced to pull back and I have done it willingly but when I read on one of these charts that is a personality trait of mine, I laughed.  I thought holy crap, this thing just uncovered an unconscious thought pattern of mine. I need to look at this, my family will be okay if I chose to focus on my business instead of them so much.  Meaning I do not have to be so involved in their school drama, problems and obsess over them.  I can listen, offer advice if they want, and release it.  Do not let it become a part of me anymore.  Our kids are the best teachers of how to look ourselves and shift!


Today, make a commitment to yourself. Write out one or two things you know deep down you need to change or want to change and let’s get it going! 30 days is not that long, anyone can do something for 30 days. Comment below and let me know what you are working on so I can help keep you accountable.