Does your life feel stuck?

What you tell yourself determines your current life

Its just a story you are stuck believing in

If it’s a good story- keep it

If it’s a fugly story- its time to change it

It’s only a problem because you believe it is

But Sue, “How do I change my story?

I’m so glad you asked

You are living by a script you wrote about your past.

You wrote it, it’s not fact, it’s a story about facts.

The life  you have today is a script you are choosing to focus on

Here’s a story…

A person is standing outside their home, and it burns to the ground

The facts: There’s a house and it burned to the ground

All 10 people on the curb  would agree

Everything else about that situation is an individual script

Each person tells their own version what they think about it

The facts about it are over, it’s the long story that gets repeated

Whose story is right?

The only thing that matters is how the story effects their life going forward.

For some the story will fade away, it holds little importance in their life

For the owner of the home the story is massive and will go thru various scripts.

It settles into a final cut- that script is repeated like it’s a fact

Except it’s not- its just the version they are choosing to believe about it

The person can’t go back and make the fire not happen.  IT HAPPENED- it’s over

But the story they believe to be the only truth lives on repeat.

If the story is negatively focused

It will create a negative outcome

Either way, negative or positive it shapes your life

It’s alright to have a tragedy like that and be sad, hurt, worried, and confused for a bit.

It’s not OK to wallow in that story forever.

The solution to all problems…

Starts with changing the story.

You have no ability to change people, places, or things.

They are totally out of your control

You CAN control your story about what happened.

In order to do that,

You must first change the way you tell the story

You really CAN be, have, & live a better life

You have everything you need right now

It’s so simple

Your life IS built by the stories you’ve made up

It’s the foundation for your belief system

Stories are not real- they are words that cause you to feel a certain way

What happened is fact

What we tell ourselves (the story) is always optional.

You can change your mind about every thought you have

Yes, things happened.  We give them labels like good bad, horrific, incredible

All of those labels are just thoughts.

They are words we put into a story

They hold the power to cause our feelings

How you feel will determine what you focus on

What you focus on is what you get more of

You get to choose what you dwell on

IT IS NEVER the circumstance that creates a problem

IT is ALWAYS the story we choose to tell about it

You CAN re-think your story

That’s all you need to do

There’s a PROCESS

You can’t just say new words

You have to learn how to believe them

There will be CHALLENGES

You will want to fight for your old story

That story is like a really comfortable shoe you walk around it

That’s why you need a Mid-Way Life Coach

You are stuck mid-way

You have the problem

It’s not going away

You can’t solve it

You are stuck mid-way

You can’t go back, and you aren’t moving forward

We are not wired to want to change, it’s uncomfortable

It feels like hard work and gets uncomfortable

We just want things to be different

Without experiencing discomfort

Are you ready and willing to wake up and commit to a new story?

It’s so freeing to realize it doesn’t matter what’s already happened

It only matters what story you tell about it

Stop making your painful story feel so important

That’s all.

Your Midlife and Beyond Certified Life Coach

Show Up * Think Different * Kick Ass * Be All In




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