Electronic Clutter

Day two of moms taming clutter in their home deals with our electronics.  Are you like me and look down at your phone to see 500+ emails showing on the bottom of your screen? Confession time, some days they just get away from me having multiple email accounts on there and it has been over 1000+. Today I sat down and started to unsubscribe from ones that I do not need or want anymore, I started to hit delete in the emails saved in some of the files I created.  I had some from 2011 on there archived that I no longer need or use. Why am I holding onto them? I let go of two emails I no longer use and deleted the accounts which will free up some unwanted spam mail coming at me daily.

I went through my friends list on social media and unfriended the ones who no longer align with me, or have fake accounts that should be deleted.  I cleaned up some of my social media pages, uploaded some pictures I forgot about to add to our family photo albums.  It is important to clean up your social media feeds, be protective of what enters your mind on a daily basis.  I also deleted apps we no longer use, updated passwords and cleaned out our daughter’s iPad history and unused apps.    Plus check all her apps that nothing inappropriate was sent to her without her realizing it.

Our electronics are now part of our daily lives, we can not do much without them. It is so crazy to think back twenty years ago how my former husband and I were debating on getting text messaging on our phones because we can just talk to one another instead of typing.  Now it’s the complete opposite, people use texting more than they do talking with our voices.

Today is also dealing with old unwanted cell phones, iPad, laptops or other old games we never use.  Every community has different ways to dispose of these gadgets.  We do not need them in our landfills, not when they can re-purposed for parts.  First, it might be easier for you to list all your gadgets, even old appliances such as deep freezers (ours recently stopped working) and get on the phone to figure out where you can take them.  You can call your local city, town or county’s waste management company, local charities, nearest Best Buy, or maybe you can even trade in the older electronics for new-ish ones.  Gazelle is a place that has a trade-in program for cell phones.  Recycle old gaming units and take them to a trade-in place, consignment store to see if you can get some extra cash that way also.

I have a ton of extra cords lying around that are used with electronics that can be labeled and stored in one place.  I fold my cords up and wrap them in a paper toilet paper roll (sometimes I have to cut the roll to make it tighter around the cord) and put a cute label on the roll stating what it goes to. For example USB for computer, USB for the printer, if I have extra phone chargers I label which phone it goes to.

My photos, oh my goodness, moms have a ton of photos usually.  I go through mine to delete the fuzzy or duplicate ones first.  Then I uploaded them to my favorite photo site so I can put it into a photo book later.  You can create folders in your photo section of the phone if you want to organize your photos that way.

I bought a clear plastic tray that has dividers in it for extra phone charger cords, headphones that we can access quickly and put it in a drawer.

Much love