Untangling Your Struggle

  • Are you that dedicated caregiver who struggles with overwhelm and anxiety?
  • Dementia-care This was never part of your aging together plan
  • You feel so helpless and hopeless And out of control
  • This is so hard, you say, this is NOT what you want
  • You want more of what you want-Right? And less of the overwhelm and anxiety
  • Then you’re in the right place!

Sue Sasseen - Certified Life Coach - Helping women UNTANGLE their struggles

You believe deeply in taking care of your loved one… But you often feel trapped with no way out.

You feel separated from life as you knew it replaced with anxiety and insecurities as your new norm.

All your energy goes to taking care of them… Well, what about YOU? Whose taking care of YOU?

“My loved one is here, and yet, not here anymore. It’s become a painfully slow death of a lifelong loving relationship. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m scared and all alone.”

You can untangle the struggles
How good would that feel?

You can embrace dementia more easily
How good would that feel?

I’m offering you what you really want to be

Embrace Dementia-care Join Untangled today!

Un-Tangled is an online private mentoring community with opportunity for 1:1 coaching. You can find peace and acceptance alongside other women who are learning how to liberate themselves from doubt, overwhelm and anxiety from the inside out.


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