Feelings Drive Weight Gain.

The main reason people struggle with weight is a result of their FEELINGS.  More specifically the unwillingness to feel all their feelings.

A presence of excess weight is a result of the choices made in order to escape unwanted emotions.  It creates the perfect formula for overindulgence.  Our brain always wants to escape pain and seek pleasure.  Typically controlling 90% of our daily routine by functioning from our memory of past experiences.

People don’t put on 30, 50 or more pounds as a result of a couple of poor choices, just like our relationships usually don’t fall apart overnight. We’ve practiced a habit of running from certain feelings.

I have good and bad news for you.  The bad news is that we are solely responsible for our current weight.  No one forces you to overeat as an adult. The super good news is that you are the only one with the power to change that, and you can do that right now by changing what you choose to believe.

Get this fact straight right now.  Losing weight permanently requires you to start on the inside.  Don’t start with a diet or clean out your pantry until you clean up your old out of date habitual thinking.  You have an overweight habit inside of your brain. It is stronger than your current desire to lose weight.  It’s sabotaging ALL your efforts to lose weight and keep it off.

The secret to effectively losing weight is being able to allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions, without judgment. As masters at the blame game, there’s finger-pointing rather than accepting responsibility for our choices.

When you drop self-judgment and connect deeply with your emotional and physical well-being you will begin to lose weight and drop inches.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must let go of the ‘beating yourself up’ habit.  You are judging yourself as lacking. You’ve had years and years of practicing a self-defeating behavior.

When I realized my thoughts and feelings drive my results and I have the ability to do something about it, my life changed forever. It meant that if I created my results just by what I believed to be true, then I could change my result simply by changing my belief system.

Easy to say, but it took some coaching to make it possible.  As a certified Life Coach specializing in weight loss, I have been there, done the diet thing, lost it, found it, rinsed and repeated it just like you.

Do you really want me to bore you with all the things I’ve done for years, or can I just say, I have a master’s degree in what does and doesn’t work long term?

Here’s the thing, everyone’s story about their excess weight is different. We want to believe we can’t help that we got fat.  Some think they were born with it; others blame it on their traumatic childhood, bad marriages, kids, no money for good food, stress, disease, medication.  You fill in the blank here.

I am never going to debate with you, those reasons.  Absolutely everyone in life has been subjected to situations they had little or no control over.  Never would I say those things didn’t happen.

I’m going to shout now…..YOUR PAST IS OVER, IT CANNOT BE THE REASON YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT TODAY.  How you got to this stage is almost always because you over-ate on the regular. The reason is all about the meaning you created with your thoughts about it.

Most of us began overeating in the first place in order to escape some painful experience. Creating a deep down self-defeating belief driving us to escape the painful feelings.  We believe we are somehow lacking.  Not good enough, not smart enough, not lovable, or not worthy. Overeating is a way to escape by seeking something pleasurable-food.  STRESS is created- it is the most dangerous toxin to our wellbeing. Our thinking and food habits affect everything.

You are what you choose to think and eat.  It is the only fuel running your life.  What you choose to put in your mind and mouth either nourishes or poisons you.  You cannot feed yourself toxic thoughts or food and expect to be healthy.  It’s like pouring poison on a flower and expecting it to bloom.  Put some sugar in the gas tank of your car and see what happens.

What you see in the mirror and your daily life is the exterior results of what you have to feed your mind and body.  To change any of that requires you to change some habits.

It’s really simple, change your habitual thoughts and you can change your weight.

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