Person needing patience

Give me Patience RIGHT NOW dammit!



Person needing patience

Oh, my goodness, I am pretty sure as a child I was absent when patience was passed out.  Specifically, my ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.  Can we say, “I want it, and I want it now?

I was once prone to a habit of being impatient, which promoted dissatisfaction and impatience.  As humans, we tend to have an illogical expectation about the time and effort needed to accomplish new endeavors.

My sweet mother would say I was so busy rushing to the next thing I wanted to do I didn’t stop and enjoy where I was.  So many lessons to be learned from patience.

We seldom question our feelings of patience/impatience.  What makes us feel a feeling is always our thoughts.  What’s happening at any given time is a neutral fact.  It is a circumstance. What makes us patient or impatient about it is the meaning we give a specific situation.

No one can physically touch patience.  Its not an object to be purchased at the store.  It is a feeling inside of us. It is energy, a vibration we feel in our body caused by our thoughts.

There are lots of benefits to practicing patience.  When we allow ourselves to be ok with delaying gratification it opens us up to infinite possibilities.  Impatience as a habit increases blood pressure, stress and yes ultimately weight gain, depression and so much more.


All of our actions in life are a result of what we think and feel. It’s just that simple. If you want a different result today, decide to re-visit your thoughts.  Coaching is the fastest way to learn this new skill. Give yourself the gift of opening up new possibilities.

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