Is your past constipating you?

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This is my best advice ever! It’s time to get busy and dedicate yourself to learning how to flush all of the old negative past sh*ts you’re carrying around in your head. Flush it right down the toilet today. If I could inject into anyone’s brain just one truth, it would be this: YOUR PAST IS OVER, there is NO do-over. Your past can not harm you today.

I’m shouting because seriously, without consciously changing those negative habitual thoughts about the past, your brain will automatically maintain a FALSE belief that it is not just a thought but seems like a fact, one that subconsciously directs you today and every day. It’s the only reason your life today is constipated, plugging up and destroying your confidence. Pick any current situation, overweight, no money, bad relationships, job–just fill that in for yourself. To flush it out of your system, you must learn the skills to reframe-let go-and stop making the past mean something bad happened. Those thoughts create feelings you are unworthy, unloving, and a belief you are a victim. It guarantees you are holding yourself hostage, a prisoner to your chosen way of thinking.

Your thoughts create and drive everything. No one can force thoughts into your brain. You alone created those thoughts. This is not about blaming yourself. It doesn’t matter WHY you decided to think a certain way during a stressful, maybe frightening, uncontrollable situation. It only matters WHAT you decided it means going forward in life.

There is a whole other set of baggage we carry forward from childhood decisions that are explored more fully in my posts regarding childhood beliefs. I’ll just say this about that topic; the majority of your belief system was created as a child and is still managing a large portion of your life today. Would you allow a 5 or 10-year-old to run your life? Be open to the idea that you may have some illogical, very un-useful out of date beliefs you need to revisit within yourself.

Now that you recognizing the past can’t be changed let’s also acknowledge everyone CAN change what they once decided to think and feel about their past? That’s right, you have free will, you can change your mind whenever you want.

It is a useless waste of energy holding on to any limiting belief looping like a recording on repeat in our unconscious mind. Those negative emotions are being triggered today every time those old stories are revisited. Imagine holding Dung in your heart. You know what I’m talking about—that stinky ugly hard to handle sh*t you continue to carry around in your mind, body, and spirit until you are all plugged up. We all have negativity surrounding us at one time or another. It doesn’t matter when or how often bad things happened. It could have been years ago, last week, yesterday—it’s still over. It’s time to learn how to drop the thoughts stored on autopilot continually repeating in your mind like they are real. Why should you want to drop those seemingly real thoughts? Because they are limiting your ability to move forward freely healthily and happily. It’s like a ball and chain dragging down your confidence, your energy, your life.

Constipation from your unhelpful thinking affects your ability to feel good about yourself. You develop toxic behavioral beliefs such as, “I am not good enough, or because that happened, I will never be …” Most of us are holding onto the negative stories and emotions about our past, FOREVER, as though there is no other option. We seldom question why we think what we think. Instead, we blame others or worse be mean to ourselves by holding onto those negative emotions or engaging in behaviors that are harmful and dangerous to our emotional and physical health. We create massive fugly beliefs by dwelling on the negatives we created of our past. We believe incorrectly it is relevant today.

Get ready, find your big spoon, open up for your first dose of FLUSH. You are not only allowed, but you MUST also FLUSH your systems habit of holding onto that old negative “crappy story” about any childhood or adult traumatic events, un-forgiveness, pain, anger, hate, break-ups, and…fill in your list here. Why must you do that? Because every bit of energy you are using to hold onto the past is a bit of energy you don’t have for creating your present and future.

Here’s the thing about holding on to it. You cannot be forward-thinking when you are living from your past. It doesn’t work. Your brain will sabotage you every time. Holding onto the past requires judgment and judgment is, by its very nature, destructive. By committing yourself to not live from your past, you open the doors to unlimited possibilities to create and generate the life you truly desire to have.

I developed an attitude of SO WHAT. Embrace this thought right now– It doesn’t matter what has already occurred. I know what I’m talking about here. I have had my share of clogging myself up with believing my constipated past mattered. You can take this to the bank, our thoughts create everything always. Suffering is optional. Being unhappy is a choice. If you are suffering, it’s because of what you are currently thinking. If you are unhappy, you are choosing that too.

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is always 50/50. Half the time life is up, and half the time life is down. Stuff is happening we have no control over. If we are never sad, mad, or unhappy, then we wouldn’t know or appreciate happiness. The balance comes when we don’t fixate, dwell and attach strong negative emotionally charged stories. You are going to experience it all, stop fighting it, and stop letting the shit storms of your past constipate you. You are born worthy; no situation can take that away from you. OWN IT. Life is happening, choose to flow with it, allow yourself to feel it without attachment.

The circumstances of our past are not a problem. Only our thoughts we are currently having about the past can create negative feelings. To eliminate suffering, we must FLUSH our painful constipated thoughts and feelings. I am dedicated to helping anyone willing to be open to the possibility you can change your mind about anything at any time.

Today is the perfect day to flush your sh*t away. Do not make excuses, there is never a better time than NOW to take action.  There will never be a more perfect day.  Every day is full of the option to create messy excuses preventing us from trying something new.  Your brain does not want you to do anything that feels uncomfortable. It is programmed to stay in the groove, make no waves, even if you are miserable.  Don’t listen to that old tape looping in your brain, commit to a short term uncomfortable opportunity in order to create long term gain.

The brain wants to avoid feeling like a failure.  Guess what, you have already failed if you refuse to try to change.  Funny how that works. The brain is hardwired to protect us. It does not have the ability to interpret the thoughts you gave it.  Stored thoughts are meant to help you function automatically without fear.  Trying new things can generate all kinds of feelings such as incompetence or being judged.  Yet, we are not happy with where we are right now.  We are comfortable being uncomfortable.  How sick is that?  The only thing preventing us from stepping out is the fear of the unknown.

Did you get that?  Take a good long look at this. Would you rather be comfortable being unhappy because it is familiar–staying overweight, in debt, bad relationship? It is a comfortable habit, your unconscious brain is hitting the danger button digging up proof this new thing won’t work. It’s sneaky, with an arsenal of thousands of old stories to draw from as excuses you believe are fact. Unless you make a conscious effort to step into the unknown anyway, you are guaranteeing you will sabotage your efforts to change. Want proof?  Are you overweight, out of shape, in debt, hate your life, have a shaky relationship with others?  It’s because you have constipated thoughts controlling your life.

Stop waiting for someone or something outside of you to happen in order to change.  Sign up today to work with me one to one.  Reshape Yourself.  It’s TIME to invest in YOU.  If you are willing to do the work, you can empower within you what is already there, unlimited possibilities.

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