Limited or Unlimited Thinking

Which of these statements sound like what you think and say to yourself during the day?

Do you think people are out to get me?


Everyone is always helpful, everyone I meet today is here to help me out even when I don’t realize it.

Each one of these beliefs will create different experiences in our lives and what becomes true for us on a daily basis.  Thinking everyone is always helpful even when I don’t realize it means we are open to possibilities, opportunities we want but don’t know how we will receive.

What we tell ourselves over and over we begin to believe so our world must manifest what we believe, right? Both of those statements are a foundation or starting point to having limited choices or unlimited choices that can come into your life.

I love to experiment and play with the law of attraction.  I have manifested some pretty amazing stuff that I should not have been able to manifest.  I have literally beaten the odds many times, and manifest things for my friends, family, and clients.  The beautiful thing I have found out is the more open you are the more doors open up.  For example, I love playing this game in the car.  Have you ever been irritated in the car, like to the point you are snapping out loud? Then others in the car begin to get pissy and it snowballs from there. Pretty soon everyone in the car is in a bad mood and it is silent.  It truly does just take one person for this experiment to work.

Here is what I do in this circumstance, (everyone is a helpful statement) I take a deep breath, a couple of them sometimes, and I change my perspective.  Everything that has bothered me up to that point I delete it, I literally open up the window and let it out.  People will be more annoyed that you opened up the window for a second but I just say a bug was on my window and I let it go.  Since no one really likes bugs in the car.  Next, I begin to think and feel myself in a better place.  I block out all the noise, the negative feelings in the car.  I imagine positive, love, friendship and laughter filling my car.  When I relax inside me, it changes the inside of the car.  I take it a step further and time the event, to see how long it takes for positive vibes to affect everyone in the car.  My first time it took about 10 minutes for it to fully engulf the people in the car.  Now it takes me less time because I have done it over and over and it becomes a new habit.

There is no perfect way to manifest, it is a trial and error on your part. What works for one person in there step by step ways doesn’t always work for the other person.  Why? Because we are all unique, we all have our own stories, our own special blocks, our own minds. Collectively I can give the tools, fine-tune them as we get to know each other and I can teach you that way.  The easy things to manifest such as the example above can be taught collectively in a group to show results.  It’s the big things that you want, that needs more one on one attention to get.  You have it inside of you, you have all the tools and answers it is just discovering them and using them.  Like a rusty wheel, it has to be applied daily, it has to be a new habit in your life and you will get what you want.  A change in our perspectives is the very first step, without changing your mind you can’t change your circumstances.  Make sense?

I can list impossible things I should have never ever been able to manifest and even I go back and look at how I did it.  One of my best ones was moving out of a house with my family, we hadn’t even started to look for new houses, gather any paperwork, or even have a down payment for a house. In less than 90 days we not only closed on a new home, a job loss occurred while in the loan process (should have killed the loan),  and moved into a beautiful new home.  I have manifested amazing friends, mentors, jobs, winning prizes, doors opening at the perfect time, moving, amazing opportunities for friends and family.

So how do I do it? Like I keep saying it is different for everyone.  But what I can rule out for you is trying to delete the negative thoughts that don’t work. Why? Number one rule, the more you dwell on what you don’t want, the more you create it.  The things about yourself or your life you dislike are probably still with you.  This took a while to get through in my head.  I read it, I understood it but I still didn’t see that I was applying it.

When I first started my business I would visualize my calendar full, my days were filled with what I enjoyed doing, I was surrounded by good.  But what I focused on usually was how slow my business was, I wasn’t closer to a goal I had set, I felt discouraged, I felt deflated, and I kept going back and forth.  Insert saying ” the more you dwell on what you don’t want, the more you create it.” I was in the shower when It finally hit me! I was still thinking about the lack of circumstance. I wasn’t believing I could have it, It wasn’t in my core belief system YET! I began to watch what I said, I began to write it out what I wanted every morning to ingrain into my head, I really put all of my positive attention onto what it was that I really wanted to do, be and have. I took the BUT out of my belief.  I see myself having a full calendar BUT I see that I don’t. Make sense?

In what ways are you talking yourself out of your dreams? Out of your manifestations? How can I help you? Reach out to me by email or comment on the post

~much love to you all