Lose Weight the Easy Way – Talk it OFF!

You CAN talk your weight off


You talk to yourself all the time

You tell yourself a story you believe

I can’t lose weight, it’s too hard….

That story is your opinion

Your choosing to believe is fact

Fact vs. opinion

Your PAST is a fact. It’s over

Your story is your opinion about it

You believe it’s true

Our behavior is a result of how we think we will feel

Are you beating yourself up and blaming your past?

Do you feel hopeless, and helpless to lose the weight?

No matter what you say you want…

You cannot have it long term until you believe you CAN

You either believe you can or believe your can’t

Either way you get what you believe to be true

What’s happened is not the problem.

It’s what you tell yourself about what happened, THAT’S the problem

Do you indulge in a pity party, or live in victim-hood behavior?

Negative  indulgent thinking creates negative results every time

If your story isn’t working for you in a positive way

Why do you want to keep telling it?

YOU CAN, but the question becomes is it serving your best interest today?

Learn to tell a better story

It’s the only plan that will give you a better life

You Get to decide whatever you want to think and believe

Your Midlife and Beyond Certified Life Coach

SHOW UP * Think different * KICK ASS * Be all In



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