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Mindless Behavior is a Habit


Food addiction

Do you wish it was easy to not only lose weight but keep it off?  Do you desire to have a healthy, energetic body again?  Do you want to feel more self-confident about yourself?

Does it seem like your current circumstances are the reasons you can’t achieve your goal weight?

Are you feeling helpless, hopeless and maybe even giving up believing you can permanently lose some weight?

Do you struggle to find time to prepare your food, much less exercise because your too tired to do anything after work?

Does will-power fall off and cravings seem to sabotage your goals without your permission?

I excel at weight wellness and life coaching because I have been exactly where you are. As someone who has been where you are, let me tell you, you have more power over your life than you think you do.

I bet you could give me an endless list of reasons why you are overweight and maybe even obese. Most of them you believe is not your fault. You honestly believe it’s because of circumstances beyond your control.   I agree and disagree with that last statement.  Let me explain.

Why I disagree. It is our fault

There is really only one reason for most of us to become overweight, and it’s BIG.  We OVEREAT.  We don’t just overeat- we fill up our bodies with processed products we call food, that have little or no nutritional value and our bodies can’t use it effectively because there’s no nutrition. It’s junk and it won’t help us maintain a healthy system.  Our bodies store this low-quality junk as fat.  Our bodies are screaming for more because 1st you haven’t supplied it with nutritional whole foods, and 2nd you are fast becoming addicted to sugar.   Your body wants more of that sweet stuff, yum, while your system is starving for nutrition.  Your toxic and you don’t even know it.

Fat doesn’t just start popping out for no reason. We often start this destructive habit as early as childhood, substituting nutritious whole foods for processed empty calories full of modified wheat, pesticide, and antibiotic laden dairy, along with very addictive processed sugars.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Bread, cereal, Milk, desert, chips, candy, ice cream, hamburger, fries and don’t forget those sugary soft drinks.  This form of eating will eventually mess up our body’s ability to regulate and control the signals that manage our hunger or full hormones.  We literally numb ourselves.

Why I agree, it’s not all our fault

Over time the body can’t continue to regulate properly on this steady processed food diet. As we begin to store empty and excess calories as fat, our body literally begins drowning in a sugar coma.  We become numb and addicted, our body is screaming, give me more sugar.  Do not deprive me of my sugar high, forget the diet that shit sucks. We have literally opened our mouth and shoveled our way into addictive behavior. So, when I say we are not at fault, that might be true, until now.  You are addicted, and now you know it.  What are you going to do about it going forward?

Have you ever known someone addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, or a drug like cocaine?  Seriously, we have an equally harmful addiction and we don’t even realize it because first of all, we are not aware of it, and even if we are, we don’t know what to do about it.  Most of us choose to not believe it is an addiction. Would you knowingly let someone force you to eat poison? No, well guess what, you are essentially doing the same to yourself.  WAKE UP before you develop a disease.

Would you purposefully drink Round-up, or eat a poisonous snake? Probably not, but you ARE poisoning yourself just the same every day with your diet.  Maybe not today, but I know you have in the past because otherwise, you wouldn’t be overweight right now.

OK, so what can you do, now that you know you have an addiction?

It really doesn’t matter how you got here.  So, let’s don’t waste time pondering that.  There is no reason to argue or justify Why.  The good news is there is a solution.  A permanent kind, that doesn’t involve buying another diet pill, chalky shake, diet books, or extreme exercises.

Let me just say Diets do work. They do their job. You could actually have permanent weight loss as long as you stay on them permanently.  Otherwise, well, they don’t work. Most likely, along the way, you begin to hate yourself and have strong negative emotions of deprivation.  So, let’s just stop blaming the diets, yourself, or life’s delivery of circumstances out of your control as the reason you are overweight.

There is a simple solution

Anytime we start trying new things, basically taking control of our mindless habitual behaviors in a conscious way, our inner child will literally pitch a fit.  I like to call that fit-buffering. It’s really just plain old excuses we create in order to escape any pain and suffering change seems to create. We convince ourselves those excuses are fact rather than just an emotion. Our child inside of us has been storing every single uncomfortable emotion,  just waiting for us to try something new.  Can you spell SABOTAGE?

You can take back control of yourself and your weight right now. I did it, and so you can too. No matter how long, what reason, or how bad it might seem, you can do it.  Sign up right now for a free 30-minute discovery call with me to determine if we are the right fit for my program.

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