Embracing the art of putting yourself first

Nikki Tapscott
Master Certified Coach

  • Are you wanting to feel better, have more energy, not be filled with worry all day/every day?

  • Does the word workout make you cringe or irritate you?
  • Do you start an exercise program to just stop it due to kids and life getting in the way?

  • Do you want to have more energy but lack the enthusiasm to move your body?

  • Do you want to keep up with your kids and wonder how can I bottle up their energy and sell it?

  • Great news! You have landed at the right place!

Do you wake up sometimes wanting different? You enjoy your life but have a deep desire for yourself that you haven’t done yet? Maybe you don’t know exactly what “it” is that you want but you just know something deep down there is more meant for you. ( hint-hint it’s that word above, you know the one that irritates you to no end.)

You might feel a nagging disconnect between what is deep inside of you and a level of new anxiety that has invaded your body and mind.

Chaos in our lives can be tamed, it’s easier than you think, and with a plan you can tame it!

Tame the Chaos

This is what this space is all about. Taming that chaos we are conditioned to feel as normal, but have never experienced. We as mothers, wives and women have had a lot put on our plate this past year. Never before have we been expected to perform at the level we have been called upon to during this past year. We weren’t taught to take time to take care of ourselves and now we need it more than ever
in this chaotic world. We are so hard on ourselves that we undermine our own confidence, our own energy levels, our own happiness and it is time to stop! It is time to learn new coping skills and show our kids how to handle and work through their own chaos when it arises in an unsure world.

Now more than ever it is so important we take care of ourselves as well as our families. On an airplane they state to cover your mouth and nose first with oxygen then our child’s. For me it was always an instinct to do just the opposite. But if we cover theirs first then we could potentially pass out and there our child will be not knowing what to do. So it is more important than ever to tame your own inner
chaos, to take care of yourself so you can take care of those who mean the most to you! They can’t do it if you don’t do it. If you don’t model a lifestyle that shows health they won’t either and you will watch them suffer as well.

~This all starts in your mind! And it all starts right now!

I do want to make this real clear! To have change you have to change! This isn’t the type of program, class, course, watch and read posts or blogs kind of place. This is roll up your sleeves and let’s really get some momentum going for the type of changes you want to feel and say!

Drum roll please………..

Let me introduce you to a truly one of a kind plan, one that wants to see you succeed and feel better.


Embrace Mom Chaos is an online coaching community where you can learn and grow with other moms that want change in their lives, need a plan and put themselves first. We first tackle the one area most of us lack the most and that is exercise. Don’t turn your nose up yet due to that little word. I make it fun. I
make ya laugh and trust me you have never experienced my type of gym time before. I specialize to mommas.

About Me

Hi! My name is Nikki Tapscott

Yes I am a life coach but not your normal kind. Not one that blows smoke up your butt or tells you lies. I am a beautiful nerd that loves science and RESULTS!

I truly believe we are all individuals, we all have our unique stories and our unique excuses as to why we dislike doing the
very things we NEED to do for ourselves.

I know this because I was the same way! Or I half-assed itexpecting to have great results and guess what! I spent years in chaos, in limbo, wanting change but not doing anything. Anxiety got me, family time got me, kids got me, the excuses list can go on and on and on.

Do you put off exercise because you just "don't have the time or energy? "

Grab my "5 Secrets No One Tells Moms About Exercising Here! "

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