Born and in Cincinnati, Ohio, I grew up as an only child. My father was a wealthy and well-respected member of the community, and mother worked as well. In those early years I lived a comfortable lifestyle. On the outside.

But at the age of four, I became a victim of my father’s sexual molestation, which continued through my teens. He gas lighted and bullied me into keeping “our little secret.” As a result, I lived through what I now call my “own hot mess.” But one morning I broke down and found the strength to tell mother everything.

My mother, Sue, immediately took me to counseling, which saved my life.

I am not at all shy about what has happened to me or speaking up and out about it. I have become an advocate for others in the most unlikely way. I think survivors are the best resource for knowledge, empathy and compassion for any of our messes in life.  We are the best resources for others because we know what we wish other people would have said to us in our time of need.

“I want people to see me for who I am,
a strong woman able to stand up for my own
beliefs and convictions and to be able to live with what is true to me.”

I have spoken to local children about seeing and recognizing the patterns of how a child molester manipulates. I also demonstrate how to break those patterns. Now I trust my gut feelings and set boundaries to keep myself centered.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Murray State University, and I have my Master Life Coach certificate. I am continuing my studies with emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioral therapy, and health and wellness coaching certificates. I am currently studying Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) with Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation in Technic.

Married three times and the mother of five children, I preferred creating a proper home life for my family and I ignored my father’s side of the family.  I did not fit in well with my dad’s side of the family, I was often labeled a “blacksheep” for being outspoken in my own truth, often doing things to the beat of my own drum and my own free spirit.

Never a smoker or drinker, me and my family are big health nuts. I have taken many courses on lifestyle and foods to heal naturally.

On mother’s side, I can boast of generations of strong-willed, dedicated, and powerful women. My maternal grandmother took me to every church in our city to introduce me to the many religions and their individual rituals. Through her, I learned that while all religions have a different presentation, they all share the same message.

And those are the same goals I share with my mother through Empower Your Story. I prefer to work with the younger mothers because moms never place themselves first, and I want to change that. As caregivers, all mothers must care for themselves as well as the family without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

While Mother is energetic and forthright, my approach is more calming and motherly. I know how to listen, seeking which of my client’s internal areas need tweaking then work with them for as long it takes to make those changes happen.

I have been through enough that I can relate to just about anything. My skill is getting people through their traumatic events, and I proudly share with my mother the ability to see people and situations for what they really are.

I currently live in Kentucky, with my third husband, three of my five children, and a dog. Today I now enjoy the home life I’ve always dreamed of, and all because of my gift of empowerment.


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