Numbing your life with “NOISE”

Effects of Noise Pollution

Our lives are filled with noises.  There is a world of noises we have no control over.  Then there are noises we allow into our lives.  There’s TV, radio. cell phone beeps, and background noises like Spotify.  And don’t forget the visual noise.  Talking, texting, reading, listening to YouTube and surfing the internet. These noises help us avoid dealing with our uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.

We have developed a common practice of distracting ourselves more and more in order to put off solving life issues. It’s the habit of numbing with noise.  It distracts our minds. Silence is unacceptable. My mother would say “noise takes the camera off ourselves.”  We are like a camera out of focus fogging up our brain all day long.  Life out of focus is very numbing indeed.

The habit of providing background noise numbs our feelings and allows us to avoid dealing with problems.  It’s like a prescription you take for anxiety, stress or depression in order to drown out any thoughts and emotions overwhelming us.  If you are treating your anxiety, depression, and stress with medication.  Consider this; are you putting a band-aid on your problem?  Wouldn’t you rather learn how to cope, and or resolve the issue and be done with drugging yourself?  Just asking.

We shield ourselves from our pain, anger, fear, and frustrations rather than embracing silence.  Being in a noisy space separates us from self-exploration and acceptance of all our emotions.

We over stimulate ourselves in so many ways.  We live in a society inundated with clever marketing.  We are so busy listening to other people tell us we need more of something in order to be happy.  Shiny objects rule.  It’s all noise running like a hamster on a wheel in our brain.

Silence creates the ability to consciously experience and express what we are afraid to face.  Silence creates the space to fully focus and resolve our problems.

All problems are created by the meaning we give our thoughts.  All solutions are created by choosing to change our thoughts.

I find my silent space early in the morning.  No one else is awake.  There’s no traffic or noise outside.  Even the birds are asleep.  It’s so quiet. In this space, I can just be. I am open to create, solve, and allow myself to feel all my emotions.  My brain cleaned up the toxins in my body while I slept.  I wake up to silence, it helps my brain clean up my thoughts and embraces all of my feelings.

The more I practice turning off noise during the day, the less stress and struggle I experience.  Stop being afraid to be with yourself.  Turn off some noise.  It really is a recipe for healthier thoughts and feelings.

There are so many ways to calm the static in your brain.  Meditate, take a warm bath, listen to gentle music, take a walk and just be present.  Be still and just BE for a little bit each and every day.  Take several deep breaths, and consciously relax your neck and shoulders.  Noise is everywhere, take a break from it. It’s the best medicine ever.

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