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Are you a mother or daughter hurting rather than healing from all the BS in your life?

We are Sue Jean and Nikki, a unique kickass mother/daughter team. As certified life coaches and entrepreneurs, we are healed and thriving after the pain of a deep, dark family secret – childhood sexual abuse. Through the empowerment of diligence, hard work, honesty, and courage, our relationship has never been stronger. We offer individualized coaching based on your needs.

To Empower Your Story, we create a sacred space where women feel safe and open to learning the skills and tools to re-set a faulty belief system most women are taught from birth – “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t deserve any better”. Bad things happen to us all. But it does not define who we are.

We learned firsthand that the past is over and has no power to cause further harm. However, hanging on to the “fugly” story about it alters the mindset. Like a festering wound, it hinders our ability to live our dreams.

We offer a simple, empowering, no-nonsense solution: Freedom from a life full of pain-filled experiences. We proudly offer the magic of untangling your story in order to embrace the life you deserve.

No matter what age, no matter what happened, we believe no one has to suffer. Our goal is to teach other women how to have a stronger belief in themselves, set solid boundaries, and make the best choices possible. All women are born 100% lovable and worthy with the right to be cherished.

Hi, I’m Nikki, mother of five busy kids, a hubby, and an adorable puppy. Having a calm and comforting, yet spicy, approach to life is my specialty. It’s the perfect platform for women in the mom mode. I soothe my clients into talking with ease.

Born with a fixer personality, I help women first by listening. Recognizing their specific needs and shining a light on their gifts enables me to guide them through whatever their pain and into the best life ever.


Sue Jean, here, boldly energetic and enthusiastic all the way. As a recovering workaholic, people-pleaser, and world traveler, it’s not my job, but my mission to help the 50+ ageless women embrace all the possibilities available to us all. 

There is so much more to explore now that we’ve finished raising, helping, and doing for others. That shit is done. And it’s now our turn. I just love helping each client dust off their hidden talents and gifts, and own their worthiness and lovable souls. It’s the perfect time to untangle all the “Ish” from the past and step into how you really want to be.

With age comes a boatload of wisdom, and I bring a wealth of information with a contagious desire to help those who are willing to step out of their well-worn comfort shoes (life) and indulge in their dreams.

What you will always get when you work with either of us is a high-octane energy focused on YOU and what you want. We practice a touch of stubborn determination to help you. We are uncompromising when it comes to furnishing our clients with individual care. Teaching a simple-to-follow, proven method results to embrace new behaviors that break down the barriers causing hurtful habits and unnecessary suffering. 

Speaking of habits, how is that mother/daughter relationship? The most empowering gift you can give yourself is to understand the power of the unspoken bond between a mother and daughter. There’s no possible way to embrace a healthy relationship with each other when there are shades of, “I love you, but . . . ,” or “I hate her because . . .” existing between you. You have the choice: Be all in 100% loving or all out. No in-between. That unique bond absolutely affects your personal life.

We have a no-nonsense attitude of “calling it as we see it,” liberally sprinkled with a dollop of humor. We meet you where you are, with no judgment, and offer unconditional love.

As kickass coaches, we have a history filled with strong, independent females. Because of that background, we’ve channeled that strength to work through our painful trials and betrayals of the past. That hard work paid off because we know how to help clients strengthen the most powerful, lifelong, and impractical bond ever. The mother/daughter bond. It is truly the secret sauce to a happy life.

Our proven “Life Untangled” self-coaching model works for those that want change. 

Let Us Help You Untangle Your Bullshit!

Just do it! Let us help you untangle the messy stuff holding you back from what you really want.

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