• Best coaching ever! This coaching model teaches a very simple process I continue to use every day. I realized I was hiding behind excuses. Fear of failure used to stop me in my tracks. Now I know it doesn’t matter if I fail. I fail anyway if I don’t try. Thank you for helping me shine a light on what I can do.

    Lynne H. Life coach, Healthy Life
  • Sue has been a source of inspiration to me for many years. As I read Sue and April's book, again I was inspired. The biggest lesson for me was the importance of my acknowledging my story without letting that story take over my life. I had tucked away and then buried traumatic experiences but after reading this book and allowing memories to surface, I found an inner peace come over me. Each survivor is different, each story is different. May others find a place of peace with their past. Thank you, Sue and April. You gave me a wonderful gift. Love to you both,


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