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Introduction to our Coaching

Hey beautiful mom! Well we say momma in the South, where I am from.  I am sooooo happy you are here diving into this coaching session with me!!! Maybe you are like I was not so long ago, feeling so overwhelmed, stuck, not knowing where to start but you know you want change.  I wanted things to change in my life so badly I just didn’t think A. what I did wouldn’t last or B what’s the use others in the house won’t help me.  It was just such a huge job for me and how in the world can I do it alone? Most day I ignored my surroundings, but I could feel it like a weight on top of me.  I would buffer while I was out of the house and buy more things! Then the holidays would come around again and I would just cover up the clutter with sparkly, pretty things only to pile so much under our trees that after Christmas I would be saying outloud “how the hell will all this fit in this house or that room?” I was a hot mess, I would feel defeated and it literally affected not only me but my entire family, it even affected my business.

There is hope! There is an action plan that I have created after years of trial and error.  I am living proof of what taking action steps can do to change the entire dynamic of so many areas of your life.  Not to mention of your kids and spouse too.  This cycle can stop, it will stop IF you begin to take action and retrain your mom brain.  I am here to help come up with ideas, brainstorm and problem solve with you during these six weeks then give you the tools to continue on for your lifetime and teach others tips and tricks you learned.

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