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Hey you!  Yes I am talking to you. Are sugar and stress your best friends? Do you often feel like the third wheel in this vicious pattern, that they are the best friends and you often feel left out?

Let me cut to the chase: those two so-called best friends keep you on a cycle that is defeating you. All the while talking into your ear saying, “you had a bad day at work, let’s go eat chocolate or ice cream.”  Or, do you find yourself reaching for that biscuit at the end of a hectic day?

Sugar and stress go hand in hand, until it creates so much momentum in your life that you lose track of which comes first.  Is it sugar cravings or stress which creates more sugar cravings?  We all have heard how bad sugar is for us and our bodies, but did you know your talk to yourself is where it all begins, where YOU take back control and learn how to TALK your weight off in just 6 weeks?!

Hi! Let me take a moment and introduce myself ~ I am Sassy Sue Jean, a Certified Midlife and Beyond coach who loves to get real and down to the point of helping you stop your habits that no longer serve you.  I am now offering a 1:1 coaching package personalized just for you.

Seriously- What you tell yourself about yourself is controlling your weight. What if you could stop dieting immediately, and stat learning how to talk yourself healthy?  Click this link to sign up for a free discovery call to get started. What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose except for weight?

Sassy Sue Jean ~ Ageless women are my specialty

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