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Welcome to EYS Nutrition & Lifestyle: Basics to Meal Prepping Course

Basics of Meal Prep is designed by a mom for moms and dads in need of some sanity around meal times.  In the beginning of my cooking journey I only used the microwave. If it didn’t go in the microwave we weren’t eating it.  I wish I had a nickel for every time I went to the store feeling lost about how to buy groceries that wouldn’t end up being thrown out or being stocked up in my pantry to never be used.  I didn’t understand the leverage of having a plan, structuring our meals and organizing our kitchen space that ultimately lead to saving of time and money.

In the Basics to Meal Prep Course you will have access to four modules designed to not only give you the steps to better meals and nutrition, but provide tips to implement and explore new ways of planning that will provide a healthier, simpler lifestyle. Additionally, you will receive a bonus cookbook that you’ll find in Module 4 that contains simple, fun-to-prep recipes as well as more info on “why I meal prep”, and why you should too.

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