“Sassy” Sue Jean Sasseen: Life Coach and Possibility Partner of Empower Your Story

Many women over 50 have unique challenges with weight and self-image. As weight wellness and life coach to Empower Your Story, I coach women to take control of their lives by changing their stories. This is my passion: to empower women to reach their weight goals and improve their self-image by changing their stories.

The answers to weight and self-image are not in the weight and wellness industry, which profits by keeping you unhealthy and moving you from fad to fad. Changing your life is actually an inside job. Health and healing exist inside you.

“My entire life, people have asked me where I get so much energy. What do I eat that keeps me so healthy?  Why am I never sick? I have dedicated myself to a mindset of optimism. My daughter says it best: a “get to” rather than “have to” attitude.”

My enthusiasm for nutrition and for connecting and helping others led me to life coaching. Being a natural entrepreneur, I have an independent mindset and a commitment to self-improvement. My work offers a unique blend of expertise, experience, and lessons learned that sets me apart. I have owned several successful businesses, and have been a life coach, a teacher, a mentor, a public speaker, and a consultant.

My light-bulb moment in life was when I accepted that “fugly” things happen that are not in our control. When things happen beyond our control, we tell ourselves stories about them that direct our actions. By changing these stories, we can change our lives.

My book “Bad Things Happened,” written with my daughter, Nikki, is emotionally difficult to read. Yet, we hope it inspires others to speak up and seek help. We hope no one ever again allows their past to define them.

Given my Texas roots, I am feisty and have a southern drawl and colorful language! I like to roam having lived in many places but currently live in Mississippi with my husband, Burnett. He has two daughters, Michelle and Melanie, and our daughter, Nikki, has five children.

I greet everyone I meet with a smile and believe there is something to learn from each one. Every day, I jump out of bed excited to see what the new day brings. I invite you to join me in the adventure of a lifetime, self-discovery.

If you want to take better care of yourself, lose weight, or achieve other life goals, you have choices and you can STEP INTO new possibilities.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes blocking really savvy people from reaching their goals.

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