Set your mind free

Writing positive and negative aspects of life on virtual board.

When we decide we have a problem, we tend to  gather up our strong emotions to support that opinion.  Our inner critic supplies us with anger, hurt, frustration, guilt, or shame just to name a few.

These strong feelings do not instill compassion or greater understanding for yourself or others.  We do get busy indulging in these emotions, often missing a critical opportunity to become aware of what the emotions are trying to tell us.  We are conditioned to escape from the pain and seek pleasure instead.

Allowing one’s self to feel all emotions is important.  Those so called negative emotions are there to help us as much as the positive ones.  To be willing to see any problem from a different perspective in order to feel different will set your mind free.  This is where you hold all the power to liberate yourself from any belief or emotion that might be holding you back.

The way to free yourself is to be aware that what you think you know is optional.  I have fond memories of my personal life coach saying to me,  “Oh, so you already know that you know that what you are telling me is factual and true.”  Big lesson;  If I have to be right about anything, then something, or someone else has to be wrong.  That is never going to be harmonious solution.  Every single believe is created by our thoughts.  We always have the option to change our mind.

The human experience was designed for us to feel both positive and negative emotions.  The real secret to feeling better is to think better quality thoughts.

We all just want to feel worthy, 100% lovable and good enough.  Every single feeling is generated by what we think.  They are inside of you, just waiting for you to set your mind free.

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