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All it takes is ONE SHIFT in thought for you to change. Think about that. You can change your entire life by shifting ONE THOUGHT. For example, thinking “I’m bad at losing weight,” will forever limit your capacity to harness the power to lose weight.  Changing this ONE SENTENCE could be the only thing stopping you from losing weight for good. Pay attention to what sentences you are giving power to and know you have the ability to change it.

For instance, what thoughts you feed mind  repeatedly determines the direction of your efforts.

I love this saying.  “It’s not what you eat, its what’s eating you.”

Training your mind, changes your attitude, which in turns changes your appetite.

You must change your thinking before you can effectively change anything long term, including your weight.

The strongest force is your unconscious mind. Your conscious self will power the wanting and trying. If it is in conflict with your unconscious believing self, the unconscious mind will win every time.

It is the reason you must train your brain first to effect lasting new results.

So, how do you train your brain?

You begin by visualizing your future possibilities.  You have to really see that it is not only possible, but that you can feel it is happening right now.

It’s really simple, everyone’s life is driven by how we think we will feel. Those feelings are generated from thoughts we believe to be true. PERIOD

Most of the time, unfortunately, what we say e want is not what our mind believes. 90% of the time our mind is in charge without your permission.  We were created for efficiency and safety sake to operate on autopilot.

You Say- I’m going on a diet and lose 25 pounds. You start out full throttle, then you have a stressful day, you get a headache, have the shakes, or you cheat on the diet.

And suddenly you mind feels the pain and sends you reminders of the last 10 times you tried this. It shares all the times these things stressful, painful feeling occurred due to dieting and boom, dieting is too hard, it’s exhausting, t sends out craving signals; demanding more sugar-RIGHT NOW.

What you want is creating painful, negative, high energy efforts and your brain is hardwired to seek pleasure and do things the easy way. It’s going to send proof from the past experiences, this is a wasting your time.

Your brain serves up those past results based on what you told it every time you started and stopped dieting. Your brain has no ability to think for itself.  It is running your life based on the story you fed it repeatedly.

Having a desire to change, a want, a dream, is not solid proof for the brain. If you don’t get your brain on board, self-sabotage in the form of  withdrawal, cravings, and exhaustion from so much effort.  Your brain is determined to keep you in the groove of REPEAT.

You’re tired of yo-yo dieting.  You want to lose the weight for good this time.

Great thought, healthy thought, a shiny desire thought.

You’ve established a strong failure belief from past experiences.

What you want has no proof, it’s not believable yet.

You gained weight over time, because of your choices. You put the excess, dead food in your mouth repeatedly .  You mind and body are conditioned now to demand more of the same type of food you’ve been giving it.  Your hooked, and probably addicted to sugar and flour.  Your hormones are out of control.

If you are overweight, you have fed yourself too much excess fuel.  Your brain loves sameness.  Every time you want to change your eating habit, your brain will trigger fight, flight and freeze as a way to stop you from changing. It’s a vicious cycle.

You BRAIN always supports what you tell it on a repetitive basis.  It definitely doesn’t support sudden desire by you to make changes to the routine.

Pitch the idea that you should change your diet completely, and your brain will behave like a child throwing a fit because it was created to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

You can’t shock it with a new diet and expect it to produce proof you can do it long term.

Let’s say you love sweets, fries and coke.  Your brain and body will want more of it.  The body is not equipped to handle excess or dead food so it will store up the excess as fat. You quickly create cravings for more.  It feels good every time you give it another sugar fix.

You decide you want to be a smaller size. You stop feeding your body sweets, fries and coke.  Your brain and your body think you are starving it. What the *&@^,  It’s going to have a fit.  Have you ever watched a child when they don’t get their way? They literally pitch a fit no matter what you say.  You have been eating this way for years, conditioning your mind, and your body to eat a certain way.

This conditioning is the reason diets don’t work.  Your mind and body are not interested in change.

You haven’t changed your mind about what you really believe to be true.  How do you expect to follow someone else’s idea of losing weight if your mind and body don’t really believe it will work?

You are stuck in a habitual pattern.  You’re in conflict with yourself. The proof vs. what you want.

There’s your brain confident and comfortably running your life based on past experiences

Then there’s YOU wanting to make changes even YOU are not confident will work.

It’s like you are stuck in the middle of a conflict. Your desire to change is battling with your entire systems conditioning to maintain the same routine. .

There has to be a different path we can take.  It’s time to change our shoes girlfriends and walk away from old habits. You’re here. You’re stuck and you’re ready to get out of the middle of whatever is happening.  You just need some clarity. It’s what I do best. I specialize in helping you get out of the middle of the road.

Midlife coaching is all about teaching you how to get out of the middle of whatever isn’t working for you, and experience life the way you really want to live it.

Your Midlife and Beyond Certified Life Coach

Show up * Think Different * Kick Ass * Be All In

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