Suffering is Optional.


SUFFERING-is believing what your thoughts tell you.  Suffering is always optional.

If you are sad, mad or living a stressed-out life, it’s definitely time to untangle you thinking.  Your thoughts are not personal to you, they simply appear in your mind.

Think of suffering like clutter in your home. You know how to deep clean your home using tools like a vacuum, mop, and your own physical effort.  You throw out or give away things you don’t want or need anymore.  Digging into and organizing your closet, drawers, and pantry.

But do you know what tools you need to clean up your mind?  I have that perfect tool for you.  Its Life Coaching.  My specialty!  You cannot clean up your suffering until you clean up your mind.  I teach you to think differently and stop hoarding your suffering thoughts.  Clean up the messy clutter you don’t need to own.

Here’s a little nibble.  Self-confidence comes from the willingness to be miserable.  If you are suffering, you are fighting all those feelings.  You have stuffed your feelings in the closet of your mind.  Your mind wants to make everything mean something.  It’s not what has happened, it’s what you decided to make it mean that is causing all of your sufferings. It’s affecting your NOW life.

Better thoughts can empower you now live and diminish the victimhood causing all of your sufferings.  What empowering thought would you like to make your past mean?  Remember the past is a fact, your thoughts about it are just your opinion. The only reality is what you make it mean.

Stuff happens, some people even say bad shitty stuff happens.  It is not what happens that is causing your suffering.  It’s the meaning you are giving it that is the cause of all your pain.  It’s toxic chatter in your brain. The past only exists in our thoughts. You cannot reach for a different while stuck living in the past.

When you learn how to embrace a more emotionally balanced life, you can take back your life and live it full out.  If you want different, then you have to think different, because what you think is what you get every single time.

We all have the ability to re-think our story about our life.  If your goal is to live a happier healthier life, then make it happen. Stop letting your thoughts control you.  Remember, stories are just thoughts you created.  Imagine a new story and unlock unlimited possibilities for yourself.

I teach people to see their pain and suffering is now just a story, not a fact.  If what you think is hurting you, then decide to change what you think about it.  It really is that simple.

To start loving the way you plan to live the rest of your life, you have to stop carrying the past with you as though it’s part of your today.  Freedom from suffering occurs when you learn to manage your mind.

The only keeper of your happiness is you.  Stop giving away your power to control your worth, your attitude, your life.

Your Midlife & Beyond Certified Life Coach

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