The In’s & Out’s of Mind & Fork Food

Think Before You Eat written on sticky note on the green plate. Health Tip.

Let’s take a look at our past.  Things happened; we tell ourselves a story about it that we believe is true.  We believe what we tell ourselves is factual.  Let’s define the facts.  It’s something that is neutral, a provable statement. When stated, everyone would agree it’s a fact.

Example: I say, “I weigh 160 pounds.”  That is provable.  If I said, “I am overweight because I weigh 160 pounds,” that is up for interpretation, it’s just an opinion.  What if one person used to weigh 300 pounds and says, “ today I weigh 160 pounds.”  They would be thrilled, while another would be mad because they think they are fat. 160 pounds is just a number, it’s a neutral fact with no meaning.

I have an adult daughter that is a size 2.  If she gains 5 pounds, she believes she is heavy.  Everyone could agree she is a size 2.  Most people would never agree she is heavy.

Age is just a number.  If I said “I am 60” it is provable.  If I said, “I’m overweight because I am 60” that is an opinion.

If I tell myself repeatedly, 160 pounds means I am overweight or my age is the reason I am overweight, I am believing my opinion is a fact.  We can change our opinion at any time.  What we tell ourselves repeatedly is the only reason we suffer.  It is never the situation.  Our life is a result of how we think we will feel.  Period.

Believing our opinions are fact sets us up for a river of misery and suffering. We store all of our repetitive opinions in our minds as food that runs our life.

There is the conscious you, the talking to yourself you.  I call this the OUTER you. Your job is to feed your INNER you with two kinds of food.  How well we function depends on it.

  • Mental food – Thoughts and feelings
  • Eating food – Plants and animal food and water

Our mind and body operate without our permission.  Our inner self is set up to function effortlessly with proper fueling.

Unlike other animals, we influence our mind and body with our choices of those two kinds of food.

I’m all about helping women over 50 not only lose weight but do it the easy way, so listen up.  All diets ultimately fail because your inner self believes diet fail.  You want to lose weight, but wanting is an outer thought, not an inner belief.  You cannot override what you believe with a diet you don’t plan to eat for the rest of your life.  You are in conflict and your mind is going to win every time.

Change how you talk to yourself on the regular.  I have taught so many women how to re-write the story they are telling themselves.  They do stop dieting. They do eat what they really want.  Choose to live a better story one bite at a time.

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