The maintenance of the mind

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Most of us Invest major $$$ yearly on Checkups, maintenance and repair for practically everything we own. We think nothing of spending  time and money to keep and/or improve our personal looks.

Check out this partial list and see if you notice the #1 regular maintenance that is missing.




$$$ Regularly scheduled  checkups

  • Yearly Eye Appointment
  • Yearly Dr. Checkup
  • Bi-annual Dentist
  • Auto oil change
  • Pool/yard/home maintenance and repair

$$$ Personal Care Maintenance

  • Hair & Nails
  • Massage and facials
  • Botox, fillers, skin peels, fat removal
  • Face lifts, enhanced boobs, tummy tucks
  • Tattoos

Membership health maintenance

  • Health clubs
  • Fitness studios for palette, yoga, stretching, sweating, swimming….
  • Tennis and other activity clubs
  • Personal trainers

Did you figure  out what’s missing? It’s investing in the proper care of the most valuable asset you own, the maintenance of your MIND.  Most of us just assume we are in control of that, no need for checkups. We falsely believe since we can’t touch it or see it, we have no need to maintain its ability to function in a healthy consistent manner. We simply don’t realize our mind is often like a child playing without supervision.  In reality, 95% of the time our brain is on autopilot  spewing negative and positive opinions that absolutely needs regular maintenance. Neglecting your mind, causes mental constipation that creates unnecessary pain and suffering.

Food for thought…People change their minds all the time about lots of things. Today you say you want to buy something, but tomorrow you change your mind.  Get it- -your thoughts are not who you are, they are just a bunch of opinions roaming around in your memory.

BIG REVEAL- You now know, thoughts  are separate from YOU.  If things are not running right in your life, the # 1 reason is lack of regular attention to the maintenance of your mind. You spend gobs of money on your exterior world.  It’s time to re-prioritize your maintenance manual.

Without a properly maintained mind, nothing functions properly.

The thoughts you feed your mind are the key to your most vibrant self.

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