What mental recipe or you eating?

Life is full of people, places, events, and circumstances that happen with or without our consent.

In order to explain it to ourselves, we tell ourselves stories about what happened. We have so many we have to store them. They get used so often we don’t even have to look them up.  They literally run our life for us. Like a drive -thru.  We tend to eat, drink and wear the same things regularly.

We are living inside a recipe we create for ourselves.

All problems in life, let me repeat that, ALL PROBLEMS in life are a result of the ingredients in the recipe we choose to eat every day.

Everyone starts with the same main ingredient.  Then we stir in our own individual choice of items. Those additional items are all optional. They create the taste – that means they determine what our life tastes like.

Maybe I should tell you now that there are two kinds of food. The kind we eat and the kind that can eat us.

Food for the mind

Food for the body

What we serve up in our mind will always determine what we put in our mouth and body.

Our life is a result of recipes we create filling with word ingredients that deliver the flavor of our life.

Think of it as a recipe book full of circumstances, people, places and things that happened. We put different recipes with specific ingredients depending on the situation.

There are personally chosen ingredients for each recipe we feed ourselves. They are the food for our mind and body.  They literally determine the quality of our life.

This is the recipe:

Main ingredient- THOUGHTS – everyone makes up a story about what happened

Optional Ingredient- MEANING – deciding if it tastes  good or bad

FEELING – the body is going to react either way

OPTIONS – add/subtract/change/or keep it the same

RESULT – always a reflection of the main ingredient.

All these mental ingredients create the story we feed ourselves regularly. It seldom occurs to us that we have the ability to revise, stop eating, or replace the thoughts we tell ourselves about our life.

What you chose for optional ingredients means you either feed yourself a tasty life or it will feed you the recipe for misery labeled as problems.  Those problems are NOT caused by what’s happened. It’s always caused by the quality of our thoughts.  When we feed ourselves negative thoughts, we cannot expect to feel good.  It’s simply not possible to negative and be positive at the same time.

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