What’s Holding You Back?

What happens when things are NOT going the way you want? Get discouraged? Throw your hands up and feel like being done with it all? Screw it might be a phrase you think to yourself or out loud. I know the feeling.

Or maybe you want to blame it on the retrograde or so and so did it TO you. Ugh! Why can’t things just go as planned? Right?

Oh, I have felt like this so many times. Recently too. Like what the crap? I’m over here in my corner doing my own shit and it’s like a monkey wrench was thrown into the plans and BAM! One or maybe multiple things are NOT going as planned.

Well even though we feel all those different kinds of ways it doesn’t mean we have to lean into those feelings and stop our own progress. Progress no matter how big or small each day is progress. If you do 1% each day, in 100 days you would have accomplished 100% more than doing nothing!! It honestly doesn’t matter if all that other sh*t isn’t going the way it was supposed too!! That is what we think should happen, and if life always happened the way we thought it should, honestly it wouldn’t be that fun!! Surprises wouldn’t happen and people that are what makes life interesting. Stop controlling it all!!

If something isn’t going the exact way you want it, you have discussed the issue and sh*t still isn’t going the way you want. It is time to remind ourselves “this or something better is going to happen”. Shift, change your stance on it so you can keep going forward. Stuck is being stagnant and that won’t do you any good. Stagnant water gets yucky, smelly and moldy!! No, you need to move, circulate and get back in there to make ripples and keep going.

Don’t let problems or challenges get you hung up or behind. You change your perspective and the outside world will change and new solutions will come about.

Where can you shift today? How can you think of ways to show up differently. Because in the end, it’s about your inner game, your inner world that shapes your outer reality. It’s going time. Let go of what you think is holding you back and go for it!!

Much love