Words are so powerful!

Words are so powerful! If you only would realize how powerful they truly are.  What if  you had someone that’s a certified or licensed individual tell you what you say shapes your life; would you be more careful?  Our brains literally has something called a Reticular Activating System that is wired into us to make it look for what we say. It looks for proof to make you right, or give you the answers you seek.

I am a true believer of taping quotes, mottos, words on your mirror! I put them up in our bathroom and our kids bathrooms.  It is a great thing to keep your mind occupied while getting ready in the morning or at bedtime.  It helps keep your mind from wondering and focused on what it is you want to achieve.  I have done this for years. I realized how powerful the words you say and use shape your reality.  I know longer think about problems or make up scenarios that play out in my head while in the shower or cleaning the house.  Instead I put on music, repeat I am statements such as I am enough and look for ways to support that statement.  I actively look for things that will build me up as a person, not tear me down.  There is no reason why you should keep being your worst enemy, your negative voice, your own shadow you keep casting darkness upon.  It is ridiculous and the time to stop is now.

Instead of asking yourself how or why, ask better questions.  If you state why won’t my business just take off and make money? You are essentially asking your brain (your reticular activating system) to search for more ways of why it won’t make money since that is what is happening now.  Or the word how implies you want your brain to come up with the same scenario to keep showing how it happened.  Instead we should ask better questions of ourselves and others.  Which scenario do you think would build you or your child up? You notice your child walks back in the door and you say “What did you forget now?”

OR, you notice your child walks back in the door and you say “What did you remember?” You are implying that they have a good memory, you are reinforcing that to them by saying what did you remember. Instead of them thinking man I am forgetful, I am stupid for forgetting something, now I am completely behind with added stress. You are contributing to their own self-talk with the words you use to them.

The way we talk or speak to ourselves is words but also with tone of voice you use.  It has a powerful emotional state and it can make or break us.  The most important words you will ever hear are the ones you speak to yourself and chose to believe.  Your brain is literal, it does not have a sense of humor. It is like black/white, wet/dry. You either build yourself up or you are tearing yourself down.  I recommend you start to build yourself up, rewire yourself for success and watch your life unfold.  Fall back in love with yourself, because if you don’t love you how can you love others? How can you expect them to love you fully when you are angry with yourself all the time? Give yourself the biggest praise bursts, like “i am so amazing, I did that so well, I can remember when I did x,y and z so well.” Just go on and on while you clean, driving, putting on makeup, getting dressed, whenever you can. Start inside of yourself, build yourself up and amazing things will follow.

It’s 2020, it’s time for you to find you, for you to love you and for you to be you.

Much love

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