Your Story is Fueling your Life

Your life is POWERED by the STORIES you tell yourself about yourself

Did you know….

YOU CAN – BE, DO & LIVE the life you desire

Your current life is powered by what you’ve been feeding yourself

It’s your FOOD for THOUGHT that determines your quality of life

Your current life is NOT driven by circumstances


Doesn’t matter when, how much, or where it happened

You have no control over circumstances outside of yourself

That includes other people, places, and situations

You DO have Total control over your thoughts about it

Every thought we have is a current thought

There are no past thoughts, or future thoughts

It’s just YOU right now, thinking.

And you can choose what you want to think about.

What’s happened in your life is not a problem

Until you choose to think you have a problem

Let me repeat. There are no problems in life until….

We give meaning to what we think about it

For example

You are born, time passes, you are 10-20-30+++

There’s no problem with those numbers

Your birthdays are simply a fact.

What you think about them is the food fueling your life

You’ve got a big bunch of stories you tell about it

You don’t question them

Your words are the food that fuel your current life

I call them your FOOD for THOUGHT

It’s the FUEL habitually feeding your current life

Your Story is  fueling your life

      P– The PAST is a fact

     O– Your OPINION about it tells a story

     W– WHICH produce strong feelings

     E–  ENGAGES positive or negative behavior

     R-The RESULT – Your story -is the fuel that powers your life

It’s not facts running our life, its fiction

Your story about it is an opinion existing only in your mind

Those opinions are thoughts appearing only to you

What happens in life is never the problem

That’s why they are not real – they are a story about the facts

That either causes us to feel pain or pleasure

What makes it feel real is the attention we bring to the story

We make the thought a solid object in our mind by focusing on it

We link the story to the event and believe they are both true

You can’t change what happened in the past

Our opinion about it is just a thought

What you choose to focus on determines your quality of life

top ENGAGING in stories that no longer serve you

Changing your story is a skill that’s easy to learn.

You will experience better for you RESULTS in your life.

How freeing is it to know…

When we change the story, you change our life

Need Why would you want to do that?

Because it’s that STORY, not your past

That’s sabotaging your hopes and dreams

If TODAY, you want your life to be different

You MUST be willing to create a new story

What you tell yourself determines what you have today

Your Midlife and Beyond Certified Life Coach

Show up * Think Different * Kick Ass * Be All In

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